Seamless reptilian skin

Reptile skin

Seamless stone

Stone seamless

Seamless concrete tiles

Concrete tiles

Seamless rust texture

Seamless rust

Seamless Marble Smooth Diffuse

Here is a pure smooth diffuse seamless marble, no scratches, dirt or marks of any kind. Just the smooth diffuse. Perfect for 3d kitchen or architecture scenes. 2048 x 2048 resolution.

Seamless organ texture

This one looks pretty cool. Use it to texture organs or anything gooey.

Seamless organ
Tiling demo
Scene demo

Two new seamless marbles

Cream marble
Tiling demo no seams
Contrast marble
Tiling demo

Seamless reptile skin texture

Works well as either a reptile or snake skin

Seamless reptile skin
Tiling demo
Scene demo

Seamless metal plates

Two colour schemes here

Version 1
Tiling demo

Version 2
Tiling demo

Seamless metal plate

Could be used for cargo crates.

Seamless metal plate
Seamless demo

Seamless rusted metal plate

Reminds me of Resident Evil 2 for some reason?

Seamless metal rust texture
Tiling demo