High resolution fence texture

Both the diffuse and alpha

Fence diffuse

Fence alpha channel

White painted bricks & wall plaster texture

White painted bricks

Wall plaster

Red apple texture

Red apple

A red apple texture I made a while ago. Fully seamless

Brick texture tightly packed

Some bricks tightly packed for use in 3d, games or what ever you can think of.

Pavement brick texture

I made this one a little dirty with some bits of grass in between the bricks as well as some surface dirt. Very subtle but it helps. Click the image for full size texture. 2048 x 2048 resolution

Pavement brick texture

Seamless food textures

Yum. Some food textures...grapes, pear and sweet potatoe for your 3d scenes. All are 2048 x 2048 resolution. Free to use but if you're going to use them.
Grape texture

Grape texture ver 2

Pear texture

Sweet potato texture

Seamless Banana Skin Texture

Seamless Banana Skin Texture
Seamless Banana Skin Texture

Marble floor tile pattern

2048 x 2048 resolution. Commericailly use purchase here otherwise it is free for personal and project work.

Marble floor tiles

For all your architecture needs. Black and white marble floor tiles texture.

marble floor tiles

Human skin collection seamless

If you want to use commercially please purchase here http://t3ds.com/582153
Free to use for personal projects etc

Black skin
Indian skin
Pink skin

Amazing human skin texture

Nicely detailed and tiles flawlessly. Human skin texture.

Seamless reptile skin

Seamless reptile skin